Converting Windows Live mail to PST file isn’t just about taking the mailers forward but also about ensuring that the structure of the files is maintained all through the process. If, per say, it isn’t taken care of, the entire conversion process would be rendered useless. The mails would lose their essence which would essentially defeat the whole purpose of taking up the Windows Live mail to PST file conversions in the first place.

Windows Live Mail to PST file converter

In today’s scenario, there are a lot many Windows Live mail to PST file converters in place but very few of them are actually proficient with the job. One such converter tool is Mail Passport Lite. The tool is a product rolled out by none other than Gladwev Software and like every other product of this company; this one too has full command over the job.

windows live mail to pst file

The final produce, which is the PST files, is completely in sync with the original database. The tool has apt algorithms to treat each and every element in the right manner so as to replicate them perfectly in the PST format. The elements such as contacts, calendars, attachments, nested messages, graphic objects, etc. are treated perfectly. Even the folder hierarchy structure of the mails is maintained all through the job.

Mail Passport Lite happens to be a tool that makes the user content in no time. The conversions are completed in a jiffy and that too with mesmerizing perfection. Isn’t that all that a user needs from their Windows Live mail to PST file conversions?

Get this tool now to begin with the EMLX & MBOX to PST conversion today itself.

Customize the Windows Live mail to PST file conversion!

The modern day digital world, which is swamped with technology, has pampered us to become habitual to customization in almost every field. Be it gadgets or mails in this case, giving a personal touch seems like a necessity.

As far as the Windows Live mails to PST file conversions go, Mail Passport Lite has the customization part well covered. Want to convert one file or multiple ones; choose it as per your preferences. Want to keep only a limited subfolders- wish granted!

Mail Passport Lite is essentially a people’s tool as it has everything designed to make the whole journey convenient for the users. The user-interface is so simple and intuitive that even a novice can produce expert level results using this tool.

And if that is not sufficient then there is another tool that gives out the same perfection but with more options. That is to say that while Mail Passport Lite gives out MBOX and EML to PST conversion, one can opt for Mail Passport Pro which gives out MBOX, EML, OLM, RGE, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Apple Mail to Outlook conversion. The tool comes from the same company and thereby is at the same proficiency level.

windows live mail to pst file conversion

Both the tools are fully professional in offering Windows Live mails to PST file conversions.

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