A detailed understanding of Thunderbird export to PST (FAQs)

A detailed understanding of Thunderbird export to PST (FAQs)

Have you ever tried understanding why Thunderbird export to PST job is messed up by almost everyone? That’s probably because we step onto an unknown territory and tend to be the masters of something that we probably know nothing about. It is important to gain an insight into the technical process that is to be taken up by you. Here are some FAQs relating to Mail Extractor Pro – a tool that facilitates Thunderbird export to PST job.

Thunderbird Export to PST

Q. How can I download Mail Extractor Pro for Thunderbird export to PST?

A Downloading Mail Extractor Pro isn’t a very difficult task. There are just two steps to it. For starters, the user has to make a choice between the two versions that are available on its site- full and trial. Both the versions can obviously be utilized to convert Thunderbird to PST.

The full version is available at a nominal price. The license key for the same can be obtained after paying the stipulated amount. Once that is available, the tool can be downloaded installed on the system via a download link. This version comes with 24*7 customer support and complementary lifetime updates.

The trial version on the other hand is available freely on its site. The users just have to click on the download link and go ahead with the installation thereafter.

The links for both the versions are given below.

Try it here: www.mailextractorpro.com

Q. Can I control the folders to be uploaded for Thunderbird export to PST?

A Thunderbird export to PST job is quite complex in itself and thereby we must try and avoid any unnecessary activities that in turn can affect the outcome of Thunderbird export to PST job. While manual upload of data is available with this Thunderbird to Outlook converter tool, it is better to go ahead with auto-upload.

In auto-load, the users can verify and finalize the files after the database has been uploaded by the tool itself. This option eliminates the chance of impartial uploads. If the user however wants to exercise manual uploads, then it is already in his/her control as to which files are to be extracted and loaded. However, the later selection can be done in this case too.

Q. How can I fix the application crashes in Mail Extractor Pro?

A lf a user goes ahead and makes use of Mail Extractor Pro to get Thunderbird export to PST job done then the good thing is that the chances of application crashes get cut down to zero. That’s because the tool is entirely bug-free and thereby ceases at no point during its operation. The overall application run is smooth and hassle-free. If the user, however, were to get stuck at any point in their attempt to get Thunderbird export to PST job done, then there is a way out. They can simply connect with the readily available customer support team. Their presence on the site in a 24*7 timeframe comes in extremely handy in such instances.