PST to MBOX Free Conversion Tool Will Alter Your Data and the Finer Details Which is Not Worth Going After!

PST to MBOX Free Conversion Tool Will Alter Your Data and the Finer Details Which is Not Worth Going After!

PST to MBOX free conversion tools let you convert the Outlook data files called PST to MBOX file, which is a generic file format to store email messages and other contents and can be imported or opened by several applications across different platforms.

PST to MBOX Free Conversion Tool

While anything free does have its appeal, when it comes to email migration, it’s the least wise thing to choose. An expert would always advise you to stay away as far as possible from free conversion tools for converting PST to MBOX.

Email files are rather complex set of files that are nothing like any other files containing data. Emails themselves have some intricated information that can be trickier for a casually built tool by a hobbyist. You can end up losing your time for a sub-par result.

The best thing to do is try an affordable but professional software application that comes with support and an assurance of some kind relating to the data safety.

PST Extractor Pro” is a tool for Mac OS users that fits that description and some more. It’s the only tool that converts PST files in Mac, as a result of which, it brings certain new and unique benefits to the table, some of which is listed below. But more importantly, it’s highly precise in data extraction, thanks to the sharp and dedicated logic that processes everything careful without losing the metadata.

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PST files can contain anything from emails, contacts, to calendar entries. But the hardest components are often not clearly visible or noticeable until they are corrupt or partially converted by PST to MBOX free conversion tools. For example- the information on the headers of your emails, like: to, from, cc, bcc, etc. Or, the images, text format, subject line, and dozens of other details associated with every email database.

“PST Extractor Pro” is the only solution that doesn’t make a mess of this rich data and converts every byte with a laser-sharp focus and precision.

How to Use “PST Extractor Pro”

If by chance you do stumble across a decent free PST to MBOX tool, what you will find in them is a poor choice for the interface design.

Changing the formats of email files is as hard as can be, and to top it off, a sloppy UI can make the entire process feel like a nightmare. PST to MBOX migration requires an effective UI with proper controls and options, but also simplicity at the same time. You don’t want to be controlling every aspect of the process that can otherwise be automated, but you also do want some control over the converted files.

For instnace, a large output MBOX file is never a good output. But if you have large PST files, that’s exactly what you going to get with an ordinary and free PST to MBOX conversion tool. “PST Extractor Pro” allows you to split these large MBOX files into smaller files by simply setting the desired size-limit and the rest is done automatically.

The entire interface is intuitive to use while implementing these unique, helpful, and advanced features.

What’s even better is that a total non-experienced user/beginner can pick it up right after the first minute of installing it. This is how intuitive the UI feels even if you have no technical knowledge or background in the email migration.

There’s a lot more that “PST Extractor Pro” has than an intuitive UI and accurate algorithms. Such as:

  • Contacts and calendar conversion
  • Separate folders for read/unread emails
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Ability to convert files in bulk
  • Ability to convert non-English text characters including Chinese
  • and more!

Want to see it for yourself?

Get to the official download page (, click on “Download,” and get the installer file. You can install it instantly and start closely inspecting whatever the tool offers without any risk.