The ultimate Postbox to Outlook Converter for Mac!

The ultimate Postbox to Outlook Converter for Mac!

First of all finding a good Postbox to Outlook Converter is a battle in itself. Then finding one that runs directly on Mac machines is a near impossible task. Well, USL Software did achieve the impossible. They created an exceptional converter tool that does it exceptionally well and even runs directly on Mac.

Postbox to Outlook Converter

Postbox to Outlook Converters, the hot topic of the email conversion society. These little software utilities are what you look forward to when you need to get the job done. Data migration is a complex technical process and if you are not from a technical background or interested in the technical aspects of the process, things might get a little bit difficult for you.

Since the format used by Postbox for storing and managing its client’s data, isn’t compatible to be directly imported in Outlook, you need to convert it to. To access the data stored in these MBOX files, i.e. the format used by Postbox, you need to convert them into PST files, the format compatible with Windows Outlook.

You cannot carry out the process manually due to the size of modern-day email databases. The amount and complexity of data stored in these databases can becoming overwhelming for manual conversion approaches. Postbox to Outlook Converters are the preferred way of carrying out your conversion processes.

The professional Postbox to Outlook Converter

The problem with professional Postbox to Outlook converters is that there are a number of options present in the market. This creates a lot of confusion in choosing the right converter tool for your process.

This confusion is ended by USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The converter tool from the leading innovators in the email conversion business is nothing short of perfect. It provides you with all the best features wrapped up in an intuitive interface.

It gives your conversion the much-needed lift and enhancements. It can also convert Mac Mail, MBOX to PST file format.

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Leave nothing behind with this Postbox to Outlook Converter

The conversion accuracy of any converter tool plays a very important role in converting and retaining the data stored in the input database files. With this Postbox to Outlook Converter you get an exceptional conversion accuracy.

The tool runs on modern refined algorithms. These algorithms provide you with a very precise conversion process. They convert all kinds of data including the smallest details like read/unread statuses, calendar data, contacts etc. They even provide native support for formats like Unicode and double byte characters, thus ensuring all the data gets converted. 

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Easy to carry out your conversion process

The tool allows you to carry out the conversion process very easily. To do so, it provides you with an interface that is very easy to understand and operate. The interface of this tool is simple and easy to figure out.

It provides you with ample support and a step by step guide to ensure that you don’t face any problems with operating the tool. This Postbox to Outlook Converter makes it easier to convert the data even for a non-technical person. Thus, making the entire process a pleasant experience.

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Download the free trial, if you are looking for Postbox or MBOX to Outlook converter tool.