OST to PST Conversion | Recover Repair & Convert

OST to PST Conversion | Recover Repair & Convert

OST is an offline file that works with Microsoft exchange account. It works on a synchronization system. According to which, you can work with your mails and other data even if offline, and when you gain the connection back; it synchronizes all the data to the server.

However, many incidents can lead to OST file corruption, or at least, non-accessible. In that case, the data is stuck inside OST files and there are no options available to extract the data from them. The only option remaining is to convert the OST files to PST. PST files, then, can be exported to Windows Outlook for accessing the lost data.

Here are few of the situations leading to inaccessibility of OST files.

  • Connection failure: Certain computer world events, such as virus attack, affect the connection between server and offline database. Such crash leaves users stuck in the middle of an apparently non-solvable problem. You would not be able to connect to Microsoft Exchange account, and thus would not be able to access the OST files data.
  • Deleting the Exchange account- Sometimes, users delete their Microsoft Exchange account, accidentally or otherwise. In such a case, we can consider OST files almost useless, as without the original account that created it, you could not access the data. This is the extreme case of non-reversible error. The solution then is to convert OST to PST.
  • Exchange account downtime or maintenance: During downtime or maintenance, OST files are again inaccessible completely. If there were urgency of the data that you stored in OST files, you would be in trouble.
  • Shifting: When the organization is shifting or you are leaving your own organization, to migrate your emails and other data, you need PST files. You cannot shift the data using OST files, and immediately after the deletion of your Microsoft Exchange account, OST files will be deleted as well, or if not, they will be inaccessible as mentioned earlier.

In all the above occasions, the frustration of a common user could be huge, considering, there are not many solutions available. If that sounds familiar, you should try OST to PST Converter. It is a software build for Windows OS to extract the data from OST files and convert them into PST files. Then, you can import the PST files into your Outlook to access the data.

Our team of expert developers designed OST to PST converter. The technology employed is latest, ensuring the safety of your files, efficiency, and accuracy in conversion results.

It is one of the most efficient tools designed to resolve one specific objective – to convert OST files to PST and achieve the high levels of accuracy. The software’s specialized algorithms and sharpness of programming ensures no data fidelity issues during the process. Moreover, the sharp emphasis on a specific function warrants the tool’s proper functioning.

This is by far the only tool that gives 100% results in OST to PST conversion. If you want to recover all your data from OST files, converting them to PST is indisputably the best way, and OST to PST converter is how you do it without any possible error.

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