Preserve your data smartly and securely

Preserve your data smartly and securely

The best way to preserve one’s offline data from the risk of loss or corruption is to convert it to the most reliable-PST format. This format is recognized by Windows and is less exposed to the risk of data corruption. The procedure to convert OST to PST is however quite lengthy and complicated. It most ends with the data going corrupt and the files getting scattered in random positions. To avoid this from happening, people are advised to get the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. This app not only is safe but also fast and accurate.

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The several benefits of using the OST converter:

Since the OST format is quite unsafe and becomes inaccessible in case of any of these- abrupt shutdown of system, attack of virus, or hardware malfunction, people usually convert them into the PST format. A tool which comes handy in this procedure is the OST Extractor Pro. This app has been specially designed to deal with the issues usually faced during the conversion process. The primary issue of conversion of data files with unique content like non-English languages and double-byte characters ending with corruption has been dealt with by developing features to counter it. It not only recognizes multiple languages, but also those ones with double-byte characters. So the user can convert files from their foreign clients without worrying about the end. Also, it can handle all sizes of data. This means that no matter for how long the OST files have not been dealt with, the procedure would not be a problematic one.

Accurate Conversion

The ability to maintain precision is reflected by this app in its ability to deal with all kinds of components, be it mails or contacts and calendars. Metadata and headers too are conserved as are double-byte characters. Also, in order to make sure that the client does not get disappointed in case his/ her files are inn an old format, this app has the ability to convert files in all versions- from Exchange version 5.0 to 2017 and from Outlook version 2003 to Office 365. So, no matter how old the OST files, the user can enjoy converting them into PST without restrictions.

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Ease of Use

The ease of use is extremely helpful feature of this app. The users dont need assistance to operate the tool, since it is automated. The user just has to choose the format into which the selected files are to be converted, for example the PST format. The app does the rest of the task by itself. Once it is done with the task, it arranges the files into proper hierarchy of folders and sub folders as well, thus maintaining a clean screen space. Also, it provides batch conversion technology for clients who want their tasks finished in lesser time but with the same efficiency.

OST Converter free trial

ost converter free trial

All these features together advocate the supremacy of this app over its competitors. It improves its claim of legitimacy by providing a trial version for free along with the full version. For those people who need any kind of assistance the client support system is available 24*7 all days of the year.

Get this ost conversion tool to convert ost file to PST, MBOX, EML, POSTBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.