Open OST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Open OST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

If You Are Trying to Open OST in Outlook, Don’t Bother! Here’s What Works Instead!

Open OST in Outlook – Why & How

Looking to open OST file in Outlook? There are two things you want to know, one of which isn’t good news but the other one is. First: OST cannot be simply opened in Outlook. Second: there is a solution to get the data in OST into Outlook.

What is OST and PST file?

OST is a file that Windows Outlook uses to store data. It is in many ways an internal and functional file for Outlook, not intended for many manual tasks. You cannot manually export data to an OST file and later import or restore it back. OST main function was to let users work with emails even offline and the changes made while offline are synced to the servers once the internet is back up.

There are some misunderstandings that evolve from mixing up OST and PST. PST was the first native file for Windows Outlook. It was an acronym for ‘Personal Storage Table.’ OST on the other hand stands for Offline Storage Table. So, the primary difference being that OST is not a personal data file and has no use outside of Outlook itself. It cannot be used to migrate, backup, or restore data.

However, the misunderstanding of OST file leads to problems like keeping OST file as a backup. Under the false hope of restoring it when needed later in future.

Another frequent cause of why users are often stuck with OST file is that they delete their original email account while the data was still in OST files. If the changes you made or the data in OST was not synced to the servers, you are stuck with it. If you delete the OST file manually by going into the profile folder, Outlook will automatically create another one when you launch Outlook the next time. But to delete the email account in the first place will render the OST file associated with the account useless.

So, if you want to open OST in Outlook or want to import OST files in Outlook, don’t bother. It is simply not possible.

“OST Extractor Pro” – the Best Way to Get around opening OST in Outlook!

However, the good news is that you don’t have to simply forget the data you have in OST file with bitter heart. There’s a way to get the data restored from OST files to Outlook, and even Mac Outlook for that matter. The way to go about that is by using a third-party tool that can convert the data from OST into PST. And then PST can be imported to Outlook. By just adding one simple step – file conversion – you can get the same output of importing data that would otherwise be stuck in inaccessible OST files.

There are few third-party tools to do that, but the best one is “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

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USL Software is the name behind many other successful tools and applications specifically built for email migration needs. The company has years of experience and unique software capabilities to make an otherwise tedious email migration jobs simpler. And make it accessible even by the most naïve and technically challenged users who have no background with email migration processes. Through cautious approach, USL Software has more than often offered great ways to migrate, convert, backup, or import data across different clients and formats. “OST Extractor Pro” is one such example of a professional software application built to let users convert OST to PST.

Two Reasons Why This Tool is Preferred by Experts and Beginners Likewise!

“OST Extractor Pro” is full of advanced features like splitting large PST files, conversion log, tech support, and more. However, the two most prominent features it has make it the only tool in its category. That is complete and is preferred by users regardless of their expertise or lack of in email migration field.

The best element of “OST Extractor Pro” is its user-interface. Right away, a basic user can feel the simplicity and intuitive nature of the tool’s interface. It takes nothing for anyone to download it right now and start using it, for a job that otherwise takes hours just to start.

The second reason why the tool has made a name for itself is its accuracy in converting complex data. As you may know, OST file is an email related file and thus by nature is complex. Your OST files may contain several intricate pieces of information within that can be tricky to get into another format, either at all or without losing any detail. These details are always important and losing which can make be disastrous. Such as: images, attachments, Unicode text, metadata, headers, and more.

Only ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is a tool that can convert OST to PST without making a mess of your data integrity.

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Download the trial edition here. You can convert in trial version ten items per folder within each OST file. The free trial version is the best way to find out how the tool works in real time.

What Other Features “OST Extractor Pro” Offers!

But if you want to know more, here are some of its top-level features:

  • Supports conversion of text in any language. Most importantly, non-English like Chinese and Japanese, because they are used in double-bytes making them harder to convert by generic tools.
  • Supports MIME defined content in email database like non-text attachments and Unicode headers (email addresses and subject line in non-English languages).
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy before and after the conversion same. The special logic to map the structure and location of the folders ensure that the output files are exactly the same.
  • The tech support offered by USL Software adds a whole new dimension to the overall efficiency of the tool’s package. And make the job even easier, in case you have some unique problems or special needs. You can get in touch with the support staff and they will help you in any way required.

Opening OST in Outlook isn’t possible directly since the file format isn’t built for such tasks. PST, on the other hand, works when you want to manually migrate, import/export, backup, or restore data in Outlook. The benefit of PST is that you can also use it in Mac Outlook. Thus, “OST Extractor Pro” lends its hand quite efficiently for an otherwise tricky and confusing process.

Download the setup file now at

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To open OST in Outlook for Mac or Windows, try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.