OLM to Apple mail conversion is fairly short and simple procedure. IT has been complicated a lot by many methods and fraudulent tools. All are ways for some to earn quick and easy money. This has tarnished the image of this process.

OLM to Apple Mail Conversion

This article has been written to shed some light on the simple process of OLM to Apple mail conversion.

OLM is the format of Outlook for Mac. It has been found that usually people who used Microsoft computers formerly and then switched to Apple computers, cling to Outlook for Mac fort= the obvious reason of familiarity. But when they see that Outlook for Mac is not the same as Outlook for Windows, they switch to Apple mail, and thus need OLM to Apple mail conversion.

This conversion is very simple when done with the help of a professional tool. Look through any manual method of converting OLM files to Apple mail format and you will find a plethora of steps and procedures.  But with the help of a tool, you can reduce OLM to Apple mail conversion to just one simple step of opening the tool. Yes, this is really possible. This is how concise OLM to Apple mail conversion can be for you.

OLM Extractor Pro

OLM Extractor Pro is a professional tool which has been designed specially to convert OLM files to Apple mail format in the shortest amount of time possible. It is not just speedy but also soothing. Built with the simplest interface, it makes itself accessible to everyone who set eyes on it.

olm to apple mail conversion

The OLM extractor Pro is the ideal solution for all

OLM Extractor Pro is a product by USL software which has helped people with their amazing email migration tools many times. IT has amazing string of productions which have won numerous awards. Thus, the company is both respectable and well-known. This makes OLM Extractor Pro a much more reliable and professional tool.

OLM Extractor Pro’s salient features

Simple interface

OLM Extractor Pro has a simple yet amazing interface. This interface does not let anyone feel the complexity of the task the tool attempts. Customers feel at home in the tool, so soothing and warm is the interface of OLM Extractor Pro.

Thorough conversions

OLM Extractor Pro does not leave behind anything. It can convert even the Meta data content with ease. IT takes special care of attachment conversion of all types. Plus, it also takes care of nested emails often overlooked by other tools.

Bulk conversions

OLM Extractor Pro can perform conversions in bulk. IT can convert any size of OLM database into Apple mail’s format in some minutes. With this it helps customers get over the task in just one take and shortest amount of time possible.

Preservation of folder arrangement

OLM Extractor Pro can also preserve the folder arrangement very easily. This helps a lot after the conversion is over. 

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Free trial version

olm to apple mail converter

The free trial version of OLM Extractor Pro is easy to use. Do check it and get to know OLM Extractor Pro better!