Most important features of OST to PST converter

Most important features of OST to PST converter

What are the features one must look for when buying an OST to PST converter. Here we discussed all of them.

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As said earlier there are many features that one must look for.  In this segment, we will enlist the basic features that are important while making a purchase of the OST to PST recovery tool.

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Does the software take care of Hierarchy mapping?

When we work on Outlook files, the people who use mailboxes as per priority and as the key point of communication, such users make many folders to segregate their mailboxes. Now when dealing with such complex mailboxes and using tools to convert the same, many times the hierarchy is lost and compromised in the conversion. This makes it really difficult for the users to rearrange their emails in the format that they had earlier and the data recovered becomes more chaotic than arranged.

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With the OST Extractor Pro one does not need to worry about any such issues. The highly refined algorithm used in the software makes sure that the hierarchy mapping is done perfectly. There is no disarranging and misplacing or modifying of the data and files under a particular folder. During the process of recovery, all the files are maintained in the same hierarchy as that of the OST file.

Does your software support text of all languages?

This is the second most important feature that one must look out for when using an OST to PST conversion tool. Today all the marketing and all the business dealings have become global. There is a possibility that all the transactions and all the exchange of information that one is making are not only in the English format. Hence a tool must be capable enough to translate and recover the files that are in non-English text characters. This Non-English text characters can be the Korean language, Japanese language, Chinese language, Arabic language, etc.

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Some of the languages are also in the double-byte characters, which means to form a single letter they need to decode double graphical characters. Most of the software that is available in the market are not capable of converting the double-byte character text. But all thanks to OST Extractor Pro it can help you in converting all such corrupt OST files into PST with great ease.

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So these were some of the main features that one must look for before making the final purchase of any software. All the above features pointed out are the key features of the OST extractor Pro that could help them to convert OST to PST file. Purchase your lifetime subscription today.