When you are transferring your data from Apple Mail to Outlook you need a tool to make this possible. Because there is no manual way of converting your MBOX files into PST files, hence it is quite obvious that you might be looking for MBOX to PST converter free online.

There are many websites that offer MBOX to PST converter free online but they do not solve the purpose. The basic catch is when you download a free converter tool and most of the features that are there on the tool are not available. A free converter tool would not solve your purpose of transferring your MBOX files into Outlook if half of the features are not open to you.

Now available free online MBOX to PST converter

One tool that offers you a free online MBOX to PST converter is the Mail Extractor Pro. This offers you a free trial version where you can enjoy all the features as you would get in a paid version. This tool was developed by USL software and has some great features that are incorporated in it.

MBOX to PST converter free online

Here is what you should be looking for

Few of the features that a free online MBOX to PST converter tool or a paid converter tool must possess are as follows. Also, this converter tool will give you all these features and much more than the ones listed below.

  • Friendly user interface- I believe that the first impression is the last impression. Most of the tools that I have used so far do not have a very friendly user interface. Because of this sometimes you just lose interest in getting the job done. But this tool offers you a great user interface that is self-intuitive. You can easily understand the entire process and complete the conversion in no time.
  • Bug-free process- Most of the free online MBOX to PST converter tools do not offer you a bug-free process. Because of which your original data at times get corrupted and damaged. Now if you are looking to transfer your official Apple mail to Outlook you would definitely not want to get your original data corrupted or damaged. Hence go for a tool that will offer you a bug-free process.
  • Direct extraction- This free online MBOX to PST converter not only offers you the option to convert your MBOX files into PST file format. But it also offers you direct extraction of folders and files from your Apple mail directly. This is something that is not available in most of the converter tools. You do not have to have a MBOX file format to get the conversion. Download this tool and directly click on extract files from Apple mail.

MBOX to PST converter free

Here is what I have to say

This is the best online free MBOX to PST converter tool that I have come across so far. In the future, if I do come across any such tool I would definitely update you about the same. But for the time being, you can visit their official website that is www.mailextractorpro.com and get the free trial version. You will also find a number of videos and segment which tells you how exactly this tool will work for you.