Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion on Mac OS

Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion on Mac OS

Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion responsibility does not have to be a burden, if you choose the right software that is. Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has got the qualities of the best mail converter in business with its unique features and precise service. It is capable of providing to users comfort and required features, the user-friendly interface is another add on. As this software can process all types of data in just a few simple steps, it is suitable for all types of users- from beginners to regulars and for all types settings- at home to office.

Mac Mail EMLX to PST

Make a habit of precision in Mac Mail EMLX to PST conversion with this software

This email migration software gives a service that is not only reliable but also quite extraordinary. It has a set of features that make it safe for every bit of data and can be used by everyone thanks to the intuitive interface. Converting data with it requires the users just to install it in their device, the software then lets you auto-load the entire database, then select the folders you want to convert, and command to ‘convert’ the files.

Convert mail file formats in the mac itself

When using this software one can skip the step of archiving your files into mbox format. This is helpful in saving time, as is the capacity of this software to convert data directly in the mac. This makes the process much more convenient, safe and less time-consuming.

Save more time with bulk conversion

There is no need to put aside your precious time to convert Mac Mail EMLX to PST when using this software. One can send multiple files for conversion at once, apart from saving one’s time it also saves them from the frustration of converting one file in a single session.

Supports all languages

Mail is another form of communication dependent of language as a medium and used worldwide, which is why this Apple Mail MBOX to PST conversion software has been made capable of recognizing all languages. It also processes easily files that are in languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese- languages that use double-byte characters without any snags.

Metadata remains safe

Metadata is quite an important part of mail data, it details like date, read/unread status, subject and such details are misplaced then it would be quite a chaotic state of affairs. That is why we made  sure that even metadata is kept secure during the conversion.

Hierarchy intact before and after

The users of this Apple Mail to PST converter would not have to waste even a minute arranging their files. This software arranges the folders and subfolders in a proper hierarchical order. So, finding out any file does not require any extra effort from the users.

All types of attachments and nested messages are also preserved by this software. Every bit of data, no matter how deeply nested, is preserved and taken care of this software.

Anyone can try out this software for free, click on the link for a demo version of this EMLX to PST converter software.