How to import ost file in Outlook

How to import ost file in Outlook

Before knowing how to import OST file in Outlook, let’s first know why it is necessary at all.

Import OST file In Outlook

OST files, as you know, store mail files in offline form. It has great value because one can access one’s email database anytime one likes.  But when Exchange server, the tool which syncs OST with PST and allows these offline files to open in Outlook, malfunctions, it becomes imperative to convert OST files to PST. Only through this way we can import OST files in Outlook.

So, exactly, how to do it? Well, that’s problematic. OST to PST Conversion is fraught with many uncertainties and dangers. Biggest danger of them is data loss. And because in every professional life, data holds primary importance, the loss of data cannot be afforded. So, it is advisable, that this process should not be attempted manually.  Instead, one should buy software meant for this process. Today, I am going to introduce the exact tool you need for OST to PST Conversion.


We have tested many tools for this purpose and found out the best tool for this purpose: – OST Extractor Pro.  OST Extractor Pro has all that you need for this purpose. The tool is more than advanced in the sense that not just it does its primary job of OST to PST Conversion easily and smoothly, but it also ensures that customers don’t have to use any other tool for any other type of OST job.

How to import ost file in Outlook

What do we mean by that? Let us explain in detail:-

OST Extractor Pro convert bulk files in batches

OST Extractor Pro has conversion speed of up to 10 GB per 10 minutes. How does it achieve this impossible task? Well, OST Extractor Pro converts bulk files in batches which allows not just for high speed conversion but also for security of files.

OST Extractor Pro supports all OST Sources

OST Extractor Pro, unlike many other tools, support OST files from all sources, be it Outlook, Exchange or ANSI OST file. It does not differentiate among different OST file sources, and converts every OST file with the same accuracy.

import ost file in Outlook

OST Extractor Pro gives multiple options for Output

OST Extractor Pro gives undifferentiated treatment to Output of OST files. It gives multiple options. Rest assured, you can convert your OST files to other standard email client’s format. Some of them are – Thundrebird, Postbox, MBOX etc.

OST Extractor Pro also allows for size allocation

In OST to PST Conversion, OST files normally gets converted to large PST files because PST files are naturally large in size. But OST Extractor Pro allows for size allocation which helps you in saving space. No unnecessary MB will waste into PST files.

ost file in Outlook

Get it to Import OST file in Outlook

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So, not only OST Extractor Pro is the perfect tool for importing OST files in Outlook, it is meant for every OST process there is. Grab the free trial version of the tool right now to discover for yourself. Happy OST to PST Conversion!

Get your free trial copy and try it yourself to import ost file in Outlook / open ost in Outlook.