Freedom in ost to pst conversion with USL Software

Freedom in ost to pst conversion with USL Software

The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is the finest app ever manufactured for the purpose of ost to pst conversion. The task of ost to pst conversion is essential since the former format is quite unstable and may disappear from the clients’ system anytime. Abrupt shutdown of system, attack of virus and malware, and the Exchange account to which the olm files are linked are the instance in which one’s ost files may disappear.

Thus, it is quite evident that people need to convert their ost files to the more secure pst format at the soonest. In order to achieve that task, they are advised to take the service of none other than the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

ost to pst conversion

OST to PST Conversion

Reasons you should prefer OST Extractor Pro over other options

Realizing the need of people to convert their files from ost to pst format and the complexity involved in the process, many software have come up with remedial apps. However, most of the time, they end up being harmful than beneficial. They expose the files to the risks of modification and corruption and often time turn files which they are incompatible with into junk.

The OST Extractor Pro on the other hand is compatible with wide variety of files, formats and texts. It can convert ost files into pst format irrespective of how old the format is. This app works with all version of ost format- from Exchange 5.0 to 217 and from Outlook 2003 to 2016 edition. Neither does the size of the ost files influence the efficiency of the task. It goes on the same speed even if the ost files are gigantic and have been accumulated in the form of mails since months.

Safety of your data

Data safety is the prime concern of this app which is the reason it takes all kinds of precautionary measures to avoid the common case of data loss and corruption. The most frequent victim of corruption and modification are the files in non-English languages. In order to guard the files in foreign language against risk of getting converted into junk, this app has formed compatibility with non-English languages. Languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean- languages which use double-byte characters are also safe with this app. Other than this, it is also an expert at handing content like metadata headers, double-byte characters, contacts, calendars, and address fields.

Accuracy of Conversion

Integrity of items is managed by this app in top-notch quality with its dedication for precision. Once the task of conversion is finished, this app immediately collects the files and prepares them according to hierarchy. Folders and subfolders are managed according to the need of the client and their importance. Also, it doesn’t miss the vital part of ost mail files- mail attachments. The mail attachments are extracted from whichever location they are hidden in and converted with the root mail.

Friendly Support

Customer care service of this software is at par with the demands of the clients and is ever-ready to help. Clients can access the service via mail as well as chats. In addition, a trail version which is a smaller version of the full version is available with this app.

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