Export OST to PST Offline (Works on Mac and Windows)

Export OST to PST Offline (Works on Mac and Windows)

Need help with exporting OST to PST offline? Try OST Extractor Pro to export OST to PST offline

Before we move on the topic of our discussion, it is essential to understand the difference between OST to PST. OST and PST are mail archiving formats that come from the same parent source-Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a versatile application that lets the users create journals, calendars, files, etc. Now, when a user works on files, they get saved in different locations and formats depending on whether the work is done online or offline.

OST files are those files that get created when a user makes changes in an offline mode. These files are generally saved on the MS Exchange server. PST files, on the other hand, are compatible with all other servers except Exchange server. When it comes to syncing these files, it sometimes becomes hard to create that transformational environment. As such, the users wishing to use OST files online get in a standstill zone. That is where our question comes into play! Haven’t you heard of the solution that can help you export OST to PST offline? Or rather don’t you know about the most efficient way of exporting OST to PST offline? We wouldn’t be asking the questions if we hadn’t had the answers.

OST Extractor Pro is the answer to export OST to PST offline!

When the natural systems fail, artificial intelligence saves the day. OST Extractor Pro is a brilliant piece of technology that skillfully extracts the OST files and precisely converts them to PST. Therefore, if the idea on your mind is to export OST to PST offline then this is the tool of your dreams.

export ost to pst offline

The users, who export OST to PST offline using this tool, become the recipients of a lot of additional benefits other than just achieving the task successfully. Firstly, a user who converts OST to PST with the help of OST Extractor Pro does it without any breaks or hiccups. The tool is bug-free and offers smooth flow of data throughout the conversion journey. Secondly, the users get to work on a simple UI that can be interpreted even by the beginners. Next, there is a guaranteed transfer of every element on the file such as attachments, contacts and calendars, Unicode content, etc. Thereby, OST Extractor Pro is a complete package that can export OST to PST offline accurately.

Export OST to PST

How to export OST to PST Offline

  1. Get free trial of ‘OST Extractor Pro’
  2. Install the tool on Windows or Mac.
  3. Launch it and click on “Add OST” to load OST file
  4. Browse and select OST files.
  5. Then click on “Open”
  6. Now you can see the preview of your OST files.
  7. Click on Ignore Empty Folders to exclude the empty folders from ost conversion.
  8. Check / Uncheck folders from preview that you to convert
  9. Now choose your desired output format
    • PST File (*.pst)
    • Mac Mail Archive, Addressbook, iCal
    • Mozilla Thunderbird, ICS, VCF
    • Postbox Mail, ICS, VCF
    • MBOX, ICS, VCF
    • EML, ICS, VCF
  10. Then hit on “Convert”.

Export OST to PST Offline With free trial of ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Another surprise which is absolutely true! A user has the option of freely downloading OST Extractor Pro’s trial version without paying a penny for it. This version has all the terrific features with a little limit on the number of files that can be converted. Other than that, if the user wishes to export OST to PST offline without any constraints then the full version can be availed at a very rational price too. This version comes with free lifetime updates and a round the clock customer care support. To get your copy, click here!