EML to PST Converter (Precise, Safe and Accurate)

EML to PST Converter (Precise, Safe and Accurate)

Precision, Safety and Accuracy are the three features that are the most in-demand features in an EML to PST Converter. All the users want their converter tool to at least have these. It is a logical demand as well. The entire conversion process relies on these features. They form the backbone of a good conversion process.

The only problem with these demands is that not every converter tool meets them. Third-party converter tools may be the best way of moving your data from one email format to another but most of them are just present there to cash in the hype. Therefore, they lack the features and don’t meet the required quality standards as well. They are bad news for your data, and you need to avoid them. Since you are here, that means you don’t have found the right converter tool till now. Don’t worry this article will help you find the right one.

The EML to PST Converter Tool that your data needs: Mail Extractor Pro

Finding the right EML to PST converter tool is like fighting a losing battle. There are so many options present out there in the market and you are bound to get confused. It becomes very hard to end up with the right converter tool if you don’t have anybody guiding you. Fortunately, you have a guide that helps you avoid all the nonsense and grab the best solution for your data.

And that guide are experts and reviews different users give for a particular EML to PST converter. By making use of experts’ recommendations and user reviews you can select the tool that is best for your conversion process. All of them point only in the direction of Mail Extractor Pro.

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The tool from USL Software has the best feature package you can find. Along with impeccable accuracy, world class precision and safety, the tool also makes the process very easy to carry out as well. All of these features are the reason for the popularity of the tool amongst top experts and casual users.

eml to pst converter

It can also convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to PST.

Split the Large PST files according to your choice

Imagine going through all the pain, sweat and risk only to end up with data files that you cannot import. This usually happens when the large files present in your input databases get converted into PST files of the same size. Outlook fails to import PST files that are too big in size. Therefore, the entire data becomes useless and inaccessible.

This tool helps you to solve this situation. It allows you to safely split large PST files into smaller ones. By doing this, the EML to PST converter not only keeps your data safely but also allows them to be easily imported post the conversion process. It even allows you to set the size limit, therefore, you have the entire control of the situation.

Ignores Empty Folders to avoid Overuse of your resources

A very smart feature of the tool is its ability to avoid folders that don’t have anything stored in them. This may seem to be of no use, but it is a very vital feature that helps in making your conversion process faster and deal with large sized databases easily.

It filters important data from the unimportant one. It also allows your resources to be saved from getting excessively used. By just selecting an option, you can instruct this EML to PST converter to do so. Thus, making your conversion process more efficient.

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