Are you a person who has a really busy schedule but want to get the task done of converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365? Are you looking for a professional to get the job done? Well, you do not need a professional for getting your files converted from Thunderbird to Outlook 365.

You do not need a professional to do the job for you?

Yes, you read it right you do not need a professional for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Also, you can use this tool and get your task done in less than an hour.

Best Tool for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365

You will be surprised to know that most of the professionals in the market also use this tool for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365. Hence you do not need any professional to transfer your data from Thunderbird to Outlook. Rather you can use a tool that is used by professionals and converts and transfer your mail domain from Thunderbird to PST yourself.

Before you get started you need to understand that, for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365 you need Mbox files. Now the Mbox files are the file formats that are supported by Thunderbird. And the PST file format is the format that is supported by Outlook. Hence you have to deal with two different file formats for getting the job done.

It gets the conversion done faster than any other tool

If you are a very busy person and you do not have enough time to give for transporting your Thunderbird data to Outlook then you must use this tool. This tool is called as the Mail Extractor Pro. It has some really nice features and algorithms which will help you in getting the task done in no time.

Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365

Automatic data extraction feature

You can also eliminate the step of getting mbox file format by simply extracting the data from your Thunderbird mail by using this tool. Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365 does not need to be painful or time consuming for you. Rather simply visit their official website and get the tool to get the job done. If you are a person who feels sceptical before buying a tool online then you can also go ahead and use the trial version of this tool on their website. If satisfied with the operations you can then go ahead and by the tool for yourself.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 365

Flawless performance and no performance issues

For converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365 you need a tool which does not crash again and again which can ultimately damage your data. This tool is quite stable in its operation and does not crash from time to time. Hence it gives you an outcome that is accurate and perfect. Your data remains safe and un-corrupted at all times.

How to convert Thunderbird to Outlook 365

  1. Download and Install ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.
  2. Launch it on your Mac System
  3. Load Thunderbird Database
    • Auto Load: Auto detect Thunderbird Mail Database
    • Open: To locate Thunderbird profile folder from backup
  4. Optional settings
    • Ignore Empty Folders – To ignore all empty items from conversion
    • Check/Uncheck Folders – Choose what you want convert from preview panel
    • Set PST file Size – You can split PST file using inbuilt PST splitter
  5. Click on “Convert”
  6. Then Select a folder to save the converted PST file.
  7. Now the conversion process will start.

Get the free trial of the tool today

What are you waiting for? Get the tool now for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 365. You can visit the official website that is and convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX Files and Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac & Windows..