Converting MBOX to PST in Mac Will Not Take Endless Hours Anymore!

Converting MBOX to PST in Mac Will Not Take Endless Hours Anymore!

If you need to be converting MBOX to PST in Mac, you are likely worried about your productivity. Usually, any email migration takes time, in fact, endless hours, or a whole day, or more. MBOX to PST is even worse for several reasons.

Converting MBOX to PST in Mac

Mail Extractor Pro’ changes the situation, quite drastically.

It can convert MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird and Apple Mail to MS Outlook supported PST (*.pst file).

Through the smart algorithms and exclusive features that it brings to the table, you can let go of all the pre-supposed notions of the task, and instead, experience the slick way of data migration.

So, how does ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ changes the way people convert these email files?

converting mbox to pst in mac

Rising Complexity of Email Databases and Files

There was a time when the migration across clients did not seem too intimidating. Emails were just text and email files contained only text.

It is unlikely that today your MBOX files are as simple as text emails stored in them. The rising complexity and modern email standards and protocols has led to these files being more complicated and richer in information. From large attachments, cloud-based files, graphics, and Unicode headers, the files like MBOX could be quite complicated.

This leads to the difficult nature of file conversion, including converting MBOX to PST in Mac (or in Windows too).

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ – a Friendly but Competent Mac Application

Mail Extractor Pro’ is unlike other tools for converting MBOX to PST in Mac. It houses several unique features, but most important of all, its foundation is based on an exclusive framework for quick and clean processing of information that does not make you face annoying and detrimental lapses in information.

  • Calibrated for all kinds of MBOX files with varying information
  • Accurate folder mapping to retain the structure perfectly
  • In-built Unicode conversion algorithm for non-English text, both in email bodies and the headers
  • Optimized for converting emails while also keeping the formatting intact, including HTML formatting (colors, fonts, margins, borders, etc.).
  • Also protects all the graphics and images inside your emails, from large pictures to small icons and logos and graphs.
  • Inner auto-analytic model for correcting the errors and finalizing output data by ridding of all integrity flaws
  • Blazing conversion rate to save your time
  • Batch conversion supported
converting mbox to pst

Steps to Convert MBOX to PST in Mac!

One last feature that truly shines in ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the interface and the procedure of conversion required. With its friendly UI and a systematic wizard complete with information, you can pick it up now and get started and have no need to check any complex technical tutorials.

For reference, you can go through the tutorial below and notice how simple and straightforward is:
  1. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you can launch it from your ‘Applications’ in Mac ‘Finder.’
  2. Click on ‘Load’ under the ‘MBOX’ section
  3. Select the MBOX file you need to convert
  4. Set the split-size for output PST (to restrict the file from getting too large)
  5. Click ‘Convert’

That is all. You have successfully converted your MBOX files with rich and complex information to clean and Outlook compatible PST files, which you can import easily to both Mac and Windows’ versions of Outlook client.

how to convert mbox to pst

Free trial of the MBOX to Outlook converter tool is available now.

The technical support team offers assistance 24 x 7 via email, chat, and TeamViewer (if required).