Converting Google MBOX to PST – View the Gmail Data in your Windows or Mac Outlook!

Converting Google MBOX to PST – View the Gmail Data in your Windows or Mac Outlook!

Google MBOX to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook – How you can get Gmail data into Microsoft Outlook.

So, you just downloaded all your emails from Gmail as a backup to a local file. But you noticed the file is in the MBOX format (inside the archived zip or tgz file). And you were wishing to use those files in your Outlook desktop client. No worries. If you wish to view and import the Gmail messages in your Outlook, you can easily do it by converting Google MBOX to PST / Gmail to PST.

This article will show you how.

MBOX is one of the best-known email-data file formats used by many software and clients, except Outlook by Microsoft. And you – as an Outlook user – can do nothing with MBOX unless you convert it into a format Outlook can import (PST).

Which Tool Would be Best to Convert Google MBOX to PST?

Firstly, it must be cleared that no email clients that support MBOX or PST can convert from one to the other format. MBOX supporting email clients like Apple Mail and Thunderbird can use it to import data, but offers no way to somehow export all that back into PST. Nor can Outlook Windows or Mac.

Only third-party converters exist that offer data-conversion features to the users. There are a few of them, if you will look on the web. But unfortunately, those choices can confuse many people, because a majority of such third-party converters are not adequate enough to handle the email-data complexity of files like Google MBOX and PST. These converters are also deficient in one or more features that should be essential for a practical and effective conversion.

Essentials like: option to split large PST, option to skip some folders, Non-English text conversion ability, feature to keep the folders in original structure, a friendly interface, data safety features, and so on. These not only make the job more efficient, but in many cases are absolute must to get an outcome that’s actually valid and compatible. 

Amongst all this clutter of inefficient and incomplete tools, is one application software that is fully functional, acquainted with all the obligatory features, and has a fully integrated UI to accommodate every day home users as well. It’s called “Mail Extractor Pro,” developed by the USL Software company.

google mbox to pst

“Mail Extractor Pro” – Receive your Free Copy Today!

“Mail Extractor Pro” is a neat little software app that takes the data from MBOX files and convert it all into Outlook compatible PST files.

It can convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

google mbox to pst converter

And, it sets a balance between high-end features and simplicity just right, making it the only Google MBOX to PST converter that works equally well for both IT technicians and every day users without tech background. The converter also finally gets rid of the issues listed in the above passages, namely: lack of essential options, PST splitter based on size, technical support, interface, and more. You can receive your own free evaluation copy today and run it directly on your Mac to see how easy it makes the job of converting Google MBOX to PST files.