Convert Thunderbird to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook

Convert Thunderbird to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook

Convert Thunderbird to PST without changing the structure or the details. The email data are like image description and properties, text formatting, folder hierarchy, email address in MIME, and more. This is a complex job that only a professional tool can perform.

Convert Thunderbird to PST for MS Outlook

Converting Thunderbird to PST is a category of email migration that is often too hard for beginners and can even be intimidating to experts. There are few tools that can make it possible. They convert the data, but not without losing the structure or metadata or other important part of data.

The structure of email data is crucial to managing emails. In fact, every data file is not just about the data in them but how the data is kept, formatted, and so on. The generic or ordinary solutions that just convert the file extensions. They fail to properly structure data losing its important integrity in the process.

Your Thunderbird files not only contain emails but also items like the images, metadata and headers, attachments, folders, and more. And then these items are also structured in your own personal way, most importantly, your folders. The structure of folders is also called folder hierarchy and it is incredibly hard to convert.

And, the most complex piece of information in email files is MIME defined content.

MIME is a standard to format emails to include text other than ASCII (English), non-text attachments such as images, video, programs (exe), etc. It also includes header information in non-English text (like email addresses, subject line, etc.).

All of these different forms of contents make it tricky for generic file conversion tools to extract and convert them sufficiently well. A large portion of converters have no proper support for Unicode text, MIME defined content, or for folder hierarchy.

They are poorly designed and often fail to convert data while preserving its structure and information.

But enough about the problems. If you came here to find out what’s the best approach to convert Thunderbird to PST without facing such issues, you came to the right place.

Way to Convert Thunderbird to PST

Mail Extractor Pro” is a software application from USL Software with advance programming and data-processing logic. It doesn’t dwell in the problems stated above. Through its dedicated algorithms for each complex information item, it delivers clean conversion without messing up your folder hierarchy or other structural data.

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Mail Extractor Pro” is actually a one-in-all utility to convert various email clients’ data from Mac to PST files, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox MBOX files to PST.

The tool exhibits the advanced mechanism that goes deeper into databases than any other tool. It processes the data cleanly without overlooking any item. The PST files that you get as output clearly matches the input down to the single byte. There will be no integrity loss or fragmentation or incongruities that often plagues such tasks.

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Try to Convert Thunderbird to PST

You can try the free demo version to see it for yourself. It works without restricting you to any feature. But it limits the conversion to ten items from each folder inside your Thunderbird database.

Download at

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Get it today and convert Thunderbird to PST without any hassle.