Convert OLM to MBOX, Anything and Everything you need to know!

Convert OLM to MBOX, Anything and Everything you need to know!

Everyone wants to know the secret to convert OLM to MBOX like a professional. Everyone thinks that there is something extra that the professionals either know about the process or have in their locker which helps them attain better results. In reality, this secret is nothing but the right conversion solution. With the right conversion solution by your side you too can convert OLM data to MBOX like a professional.

Convert OLM to MBOX With Ease

It is the process of selecting that right solution that is tough. So many options present in the market don’t make it any easier as well. You have to be on your toes to make sure that you don’t end up with a conversion solution that is not upto the mark. If that happens then your conversion process can hurt your data rather than making it better for you.

OLM Extractor Pro: The secret behind converting OLM to MBOX

A number of conversion solutions present in the market look like the choice to go forward with. But most of the time they are just fake promises. They don’t perform up to the expected quality standards, leave you hanging in the middle of a conversion and mostly hamper your data in a negative way. Out of all these solutions there is one that stands out.

OLM Extractor Pro from USL Software is the tool that is head and shoulder apart from all the other conversion solutions. The tool is a solution that can take on any and all kinds of email database files. The features supported by the tool are top class and allow you to take on all the challenges involved in the OLM to MBOX conversion process easily.

convert olm to mbox

It can convert OLM to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML, RGE etc.

Bulk Conversion to Speed Everything Up

The tool is capable of dealing with large sized databases easily. One of the reasons behind it is the feature of Bulk Conversion that the tool provides you with. The feature does justice to its name and allows you to convert files in Bulk.

The algorithms that the tool supports play a major role in bringing the idea behind the idea behind the feature to life. They allow you to handle large volumes of data easily. It allows you to convert multiple files in a given conversion cycle. This helps you to convert OLM to MBOX quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Retain Folder Hierarchies Easily

Folder Hierarchies of the output files often get messed up when you try to convert OLM to MBOX using substandard conversion solutions. This makes operating on the output files produced very hard.

This olm converter tool saves you from going through the trouble. It retains the folder hierarchy of the input database files during the conversion process. This means that the output file produced has everything exactly as the input files. This makes dealing with the output files produced post the conversion process easier and quicker.

Grab the free trial version of the tool today and get started now.

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