Convert EML to PST File Accurately – Free of Any Data Errors

Convert EML to PST File Accurately – Free of Any Data Errors

Convert EML to PST file without any error or bug, here is the tool you need.

EML files belong to the Windows Live Mail and PST files belong to Windows Outlook. Both email clients are from Microsoft but Outlook is a more advanced email client and Windows Live Mail has been discontinued. Despite this, it may sound obvious to the new users that the EML files from Live Mail can be used with Outlook, but sadly this is not true.

This makes it impossible to move emails across Live Mail and Outlook and the only way to do it is by converting EML to PST files using a third-party tool.

Convert EML to PST file With Error Free

One of those tools is “Mail Extractor Pro” that delivers perfect execution for such a task. The tool brings new and advanced way to process your emails and every other detail inside your files.

“Mail Extractor Pro” is actually more than EML to PST conversion tool. It is an application designed to move many types of data into PST for Outlook. You can use it to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases directly into PST. It is also commonly used for converting MBOX to PST files.

convert eml to pst file

But today we are only discussing its one of the features that is converting EML to PST file.

The feature of the tool

Let us take an in-depth look at ten of its best features, that are also the reason why the tool is so popular among both professionals and amateurs jobs for moving EML data into PST:

  1. No learning required. It is one of the best features is probably the interface, which makes it possible for the basic users to convert EML to PST without any technical experience.
  2. The tool can convert batch EML files to PST easily. You can also select multiple and large EML files and convert all of them to PST in no time.
  3. “Mail Extractor Pro” is designed with specific algorithms to process more complex items inside these files, such as images, metadata, and headers.
  4. It also supports conversion of all Non-English/Unicode data, including from headers. Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korea, and any other that uses double-byte for text encoding can be tricky, but with this tool, you will never experience any error.
  5. The tool is perfectly safe and accurate to handle your sensitive and crucial information.
  6. The speed with which it works is almost 200% faster than most other tools for converting EML to PST file, which is why you can quickly get back to your main work without wasting time getting stuck in complicated technical tasks.
  7. There is an additional option that lets you limit the size of output PST files, giving you multiple PST files as output, but all of them will be contained in terms of size. Large PST can be very hard to import to Outlook.
  8. The PST format is also applicable in Mac Outlook for data import.
  9. The special mechanism for folder mapping keeps all your folders in original hierarchy, without which makes the data management can become too tough later on.
  10. Folder Selection menu lets you uncheck any unnecessary folders and also to remove all the empty folders in one click.

Get the trial copy to evaluate

If you are interested, give the free version a try. It offers all the above listed features without any restrictions for as long as you want, except it converts only ten emails per folder, giving you ample opportunity to test it out first before purchasing.

Mail Extractor Pro” is developed by USL Software and is backed up by the premier tech support including TeamViewer support.

Get it today to export Apple Mail to PST as well as Thunderbird, Postbox, EML & MBOX to PST file format.