Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook? Here is the way to do it!

Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook? Here is the way to do it!

Apple Mail to MS Outlook is one of the most conversion patterns between email accounts. Both are email giants and provide exceptional services. But the problem arises when you want to migrate from one account to another.

Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

Third-party converter tools are the way to go if you want to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook with no problems and bugs.  The ancient methods of Converting Apple Mail to MS Outlook have become obsolete. A third-party converter is powered by the new technological developments and has it all to get you a complete and secure conversion process.

Choose the right third-party converter

Not only choosing a third-party converter for your conversion is necessary but choosing the right one is too. Among all the available options in the market, USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro is the best. The tool has it all that is required to get most out of your conversion process. The tool makes it easier and smarter to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

Apple Mail to MS Outlook

With best of all the available features and their combination the tool gets you what is required for the conversion process. The tool converts, protects and eases all your problems.

It’s always right

Accuracy of the converter is one of its outstanding features. The tool provides you with the best in class accuracy. The tool converts everything present in your input file down to the last bit without fail.

It doesn’t face any problems in converting different kinds of data encoded in different formats. Be it Unicode or ASCII, the tool converts any kind of data without fail.

Unicode has always been a thorn in the sight of email converters as it contains all the non-English stuff of your data and can be a little tricky to convert. Many converters tool trying to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook have stumbled upon this hurdle and has resulted in an incomplete conversion process and may have negative effects on the input data.

Mail Extractor Pro converts all of it without fail giving you a pleasant conversion environment.

Speed it up

Mail Extractor Pro is one of the quickest converters in the market. The tool takes care of the fact that you don’t have to sit in front of the computer screen for hours to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

The tool uses the approach of Bulk Conversion to speed up the conversion process. Bulk conversion allows you to select multiple files and then converts them all in a single go, just cutting down on the time wasted in the conversion process.

The approach still maintains the quality of conversion and only speeds it up.

How to Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

  1. Download the free trial copy.
  2. Install in it on Mac.
  3. Launch it.
  4. Click on “Load” button, next to Apple Mail.
  5. You will get two option here:
    • Auto Load – It helps you to automatically load Apple Mail database. The hands free solution, add all accounts from you Apple Mail for conversion.
    • Open: It helps you to load manually by browsing your Apple Mail data from backup.
  6. Settings:
    • Ignore Empty Folders – This option helps you to ignore empty folders from conversion. If any of your folders are empty, it will skip them.
    • Check/Uncheck Folders – You can choose manually from the preview panel. By default, all folders are selected.
    • PST File Size – You split the output PST file.
  7. Click on “Convert
Convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

Trial to Convert Apple Mail to MS OutlookM

How to convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro helps you convert Postbox, MBOX, Thunderbird to Outlook 365 as well as import Mac Mail to Outlook 365 for Mac and Windows.

The tool offers a free to download trial version that supports most of the premium features to give you a taste of what the tool has to offer. So, download your copy today and get started.