Apple Mail to PST Converter to import Apple Mail data into Outlook

Apple Mail to PST Converter to import Apple Mail data into Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro-A conversion tool for expert conversion of ‘Apple mail to PST files’

Finding a needle in a haystack might come easier than finding a flawless conversion tool for Apple mail to PST files conversion. There is abundance of tools but majority of them lack the precision required for such a complex job. There are many slow and inefficient ways that you might come across when looking for a way to convert your Apple mail to PST files. That is why we bring to you an efficient tool that will take care of your conversion needs relating to Apple mail to PST files.

Apple Mail to PST Converter By USL

Mail Extractor Pro is an Apple mail to PST file converter that helps the users to convert their Apple mail based files to the PST files easily. There is no scope for even a comparison between the results produced by this tool and that produced by other Apple mail to PST converters as there is a huge contrast between the both. Other tools mostly produce incomplete results with a lot of damage to the data. The converted files with Mail Extractor Pro are precise and a 100% copy of the original files. There is no loss of data in the transition.

It isn’t just the precision of the results, but also the added benefits that this tool offers. Let’s throw some light on these for ease of understanding.

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How Mail Extractor Pro is better than any other ‘Apple mail to PST converter’

There are several reasons for which this tool is said to be better than the others. Let’s have some point by point understanding of a few of them.

  1. No Data Damage: It is a bug free tool and thereby there will be no problems of system crash or any impact on the data. Mostly, the Apple mail to PST converter tools end up ruining the data but this doesn’t happen with Mail Extractor Pro.
  2. Complete conversions: What you would experience with other tools is partial conversions but with this tool that isn’t the case. Alongside the fact that there is no data damage, it also ensures that there is absolute conversion of data. Mail Extractor Pro helps convert details like metadata, read/unread status, attachments, nested messages, etc.
  3. Accurate data: The complex algorithms that support the conversion process lead to accurate conversions. What that means is that the converted files would be replicated in the professional manner.
  4. Workable in Mac and Windows: The converted Apple mails to PST files are downloadable in Mac Outlook (2011/20015/2016) and Windows Outlook (2003/2007/2013/2016).
  5. Non-English languages: Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc will be converted as it has specific programs that can convert the double-byte characters used in these languages. A feature that is quite rare when it comes to Apple mail to PST converters.

Speedy conversions are supported by the above mentioned features. This Apple mail to PST converter is one of a kind and is available in free trial version. The link for the trial version can be found here.

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If you are looking for Apple Mail to Outlook converter, then must try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.